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Composting is an Act of Kindness

Gauri Satpute, founder of Ecosami, is a strong advocate for composting and wants to break the belief that aerobic composting is possible only in farm spaces. With many years of composting experiences, Gauri has developed proven solutions to empower people to compost easily at home and in the community.

Our flagship composters, CIMBY (Composting In My BackYard) and CIMBY XL can be placed in the home kitchen, balcony, corridor, backyard, carpark, any open space and even curbside. Who knows? In years to come, curbside composting is common in Singapore, just like how it is now with many cities in US and Canada!

Composting is the key to a sustainable future and circular economy. Our current economy is mostly linear – we take resources from the earth, use them and throw them away as waste. Finite resources from the earth will one day run out! Composting in a circular economy eliminates or reduces food waste, transforms the waste into nutrients-rich compost which regenerates nature and agriculture. Composting is an act of kindness for our earth, ourselves and our future generations.

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