Yong An Park Condominium - 2020

A pilot composter is kept in the cleaners' area of Yong An Park. All the cleaners are curious as to what is happening with it, what goes in, what gets weighed. It piqued one of their interest so much that she asked and collected coffee grounds from all her friends as she thought it made a good addition to the compost pile. This is a behavioral change in people brought about just by doing your bit - people observe, learn and want to follow. Intrinsically everyone believes in doing good for the Mother Earth.

Happy harvesters ...50 kgs of food waste yielded three large boxes of wonderful moist sweet-smelling compost. This will be used in the condo's backyard garden. If there is one thing that marries Singapore's twin targets of reducing food waste with increase in food production, it is food waste composting!


Teck Ghee Bottle Tree RN Community Garden – 2022

A joint project with City Sprouts to install CIMBY XL and train over 15 residents in aerobic composting.

Supportive residents brought food scraps and waste from home and nearby wet market. After waiting patiently for about 40 days, the rich harvest of sweet-smelling compost was quickly taken up by the gardeners. On the day of PM Lee Hsien Long’s walkabout at Teck Ghee, residents learned the tips and tricks of CIMBY Composting for their homes.


Green Kakis and Green Neighbours - 2022

A joint project with The Green Collectives to train and support over 10 Green Kakis and 50 Green Neighbours in Bokashi Composting.

Words from a Green Kaki: “It was an enriching, fulfilling and uplifting 3 months of composting journey with advisors Cuifen, Gauri, Miriam, Peifen and fellow Green Kakis. Made many like-minded friends who generously share ideas beyond composting - simple and creative ideas to better and further care for our earth. Looking forward to sharing the knowledge of composting with others especially the Green Neighbours.”

Words from a Green Neighbour: “A most satisfying feeling to see my own food scraps which would normally be thrashed in the bin become food and nutrients for my home grown vegetables, herbs and fruit trees. My plants have never been happier and so do I. Composting takes a bit of effort n time but it's worth it. What I take from Mother Nature, I now give it back in my own small way.”

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